ATA Games
Digital historical simulations from Advanced Text Analytics, LLC

ATA GameFinder

ATA's GameFinder helps you find play-by-email (PBM) opponents for ATA games. Here's how it works:

  • You register with GameFinder and add your player name to the list of available players for a game
  • Another registered user on GameFinder invites you to play based on your player name, but without knowing your email address
  • The GameFinder service sends you an email with the other user's email address and his or her custom invitation message
  • You choose whether or not to accept the invitation. If you accept, you send the other player an email revealing your email address
  • Once you accept an invitation to play, all communications between you and your opponent are strictly between yourselves using your preferred email applications

GameFinder is free for all ATA game purchasers, but you must register to participate.