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   "Panzers on the Steppe"
  • Single-player against computer or two-player coop modes
  • Digital WWII Eastern Front campaign simulation
  • Turn-based, streamlined double-impulse game play
  • Overrun attacks and adjustable initial attack shock level
  • 43 x 34 Game map covers European Russia and adjacent regions
  • Army/corps level units for Russian, German, and allied forces
  • Leaders, headquarters, partisans, workers, and tactical air
  • Supply, weather and terrain effects, rail and sea movement
  • Reinforcements and replacements automatically scheduled
  • Movement, retreat, air attack and paratroop drop range displays
  • Comprehensive movement and retreat undo capability
  • Flexible, fast multiple-unit combat resolution
  • Campaign and yearly progress victory conditions
  • Save and reload games from your game library
  • Automatic game snapshots for replay and alternate scenarios
  • Game log and statistics export for spreadsheet analysis
  • Full details in the Game Manual
Panzers on the Steppe sample game map excerpt
Available for Windows and MacOS