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Gettysburg: Fields of Valor badge
   "Gettysburg: Fields of Valor"
  • American Civil War battle of Gettysburg simulation
  • Turn-based, streamlined multi-phase movement and combat
  • 50 x 35 topographical hex map of the entire battlefield
  • All brigades, artillery batteries, and commanders modeled
  • Brigades occupy multiple hexes according to size
  • Multi-counter brigades move and fight as cohesive units
  • Brigade counter values change with combat results
  • Reinforcements and replacements automatically scheduled
  • Enemy range of influence automatically calculated
  • Unit movement range display and movement undo capability
  • Available artillery and targets automatically calculated
  • Automatic retreat and advance after successful assault
  • Save and reload games from your game library
  • Automatic game snapshots for replay and alternate scenarios
  • Progress, casualty and objectives report continually updated
  • Single-computer and play-by-email modes
  • Full details in the Game Manual
Gettysburg: Fields of Valor sample game map excerpt
Available for Windows and MacOS